Monday, May 2, 2011

Supplemental Knowledge

I just returned from a week long nutritional conference where I am studying to become a certified nutritional therapist. My mind is spinning from all of the absolutely fascinating facts things I learned and continue to learn through this program. There is SOoooo much to tell all of you but ONE of the'golden nuggets' of information that I received, and I am stuck on just how life changing it is, is about the world of supplements.We live in a very 'band aid' society, in the sense that we are all seeking a quick fix for a situation or ailment rather then digging deeper into the root of the problem. When you go to your doctor for heartburn they give your Priolosec, depression-Zoloft, muscle pain- Flexerol, and although some of these things may be effective in some cases, we as a society have become so hard wired to get a 'band-aid/quick fix' that we may be glossing over and forgetting to explore the potential for deeper issues that are causing the pain in the first place.

Over this past weekend, my professor mentioned that: if people take random supplements like : fish oil( many of which are rancid on the store shelves and toxic to the body), zinc, magnesium, calcium... ect. to supplement their diets and to support their body, and if their body is NOT digesting well (for a myriad of reasons: stress, allergies, inflammation to name a FEW) and their organs are not supported correctly, people will NOT get the benefit of these supplements AND by ingesting them they are causing a STRESS on the body which leads to INFLAMMATION!!!!! This was a total 'Ah ha' moment for me. THIS makes so much sense! This is one of the underlying problems in our society. THIS is why some people who take calcium for YEARS can still show Calcium deficiencies on bloodwork.

Over the weekend I had a chance to work with a fellow student,' client' and tested him through a series of enzyme points and functional body work and I found that he was EXTREMELY deficient in Zinc. He was pretty confused because he says that he takes a Zinc supplement religiously every morning, and had for the past TWO YEARS! I proceeded with further investigation and found that he had SIGNIFICANT chronic inflammation in his gut. Ah ha!!!!The pieces are ALL coming together. I know that there may be more to this story and I acknowledge that, I am a student after all, so I don't want to claim this as the end all truth, but THIS is some pretty fantastic information. If anything it offers up an potentially amazing explanation to some of inflammation and supplement imbalances that has manifested and is currently plaguing our society. So AMAZING!!!! Ah Ha!!

So I leave you with this, there are TONS amazing supplements that will DRASTICALLY improve your body functions and vitality. But you MUST do your research, and talk to your doctor or herbalist before you just start supplementing your diet with things that you hear are good for you, or things that benefited your neighbor, friend, or relative. EVERYBODY IS DIFFERENT AND EVERY BODY IS DIFFERENT. Please remember that!!:)

Cheers to fantastic information!!:)

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