Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spice It Up!!!

One of my absolute passions in life is traveling. I have been fortunate enough to travel quite a few times outside of the United States and each time has left such a fantastic impression that I have each destination filed away in my mind under ' happy places'. If my budget allowed I pack up all of my earthly possessions, put on my backpack and leave indefinitely, destination: 'I'll tell you when I get there'! There is something so magical about far off lands, cultures, music and flavors. I am completely taken with everything exotic and different. For the past ten years I have kept myself interested and my traveling passion ignited by bringing the flavors of afar into my kitchen. If I ever find myself in a life/culinary slump, I know just the fix- I 'GO GLOBAL'. Happiness and inspiration returns when I crank up the Egyptian music and cook some Lamb Tangine or Moroccan stew. A rainy Tuesday outside- I hadn't noticed- it's a Mexican Fiesta inside my house! From Creole, Filipipino, Ethiopia, Indian,German,Thai, Greek and Peruvian- it's always a party! The next time that you need a bit of inspiration get online or head to the bookstore and get some fantastic cookbooks and start exploring new flavors to spice up your life! Stock your spice cabinet with some yummy spices and dried chilis. Play around with:
Curries, galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves,tamarind, rose water, fenugreek, cajun file, canella, coffee, herbs and wines- Oh My! Cooking is an adventure! If you cannot travel to the exotic places bring the exotic flavors to you!

Cheers to exploring the flavors of the world!

My Favorite Global Cooking MUSIC:)*let's get the party started*
- Rodrigo Y Gabriella - Acoustic Flamenco
- Putumayo Prestsents: Afro-Latin Party
- Gypsie Kings- Spanish
- Habib Koite- African
- Bob & Ziggy Marley- Reggae
- Niyaz -Egyptian
- Egyptian Beats- Various Artists
- Iz- Hawaiian
- Buddah Lounge Collection
-Pink Martini- Jazz/ Salsa

*This is a fantastic link to a global cooking site, this gal picks a country weekly, cooks their traditional cuisine and posts recipes:

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