Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Summertime Favorite Finds

Dehydrated Kale with cashews, sea salt and lemon! A super delicious and overly addicting snack!:)

Italian sparkling mineral water. Grapefruit Perrier my soda substitute.:)
Farmhouse Culture Saurkraut!:)

Greek yogurt. Plain, or in this case honey flavored. This stuff is so decadent you feel like you are eating ice cream!
Smoked WILD Salmon Lox my favorite snack or addition to a meal. Yummy protein goodness!
The miracle working coconut oil. It is my favorite thing to cook with these days!:)
Candy Cane beets, artstic, delicious and nutritious. **WIN!:)**
Almond Butter, a truly divine yummy snack!
Cooking with pink peppercorns!! One of my favorites= pink peppercorn ice cream!:)
Raw Watermelon and Green Tea Kombucha, yes please!
Saba= a sweet balsamic like wine reduction- DELISH!!!
Apricot+Plum= PLUOTS..... so dreamy!! You have GOT to try them!:)

$2.00 at Trader Joes, a wondeful way to add flavor to your culinary masterpeices!
Dehydrated Heirloom Tomatoes! Fun to cook with or snack on.

My Favorite Kombucha Synergy Flavor: Raspberry, Ginger, Lemon.

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