Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kitchen Secrets : How to Slice Grapes, Cherry Tomatoes and Olives Like a Pro.

This is such a fast and fun way to slice olives, grapes and cherry tomatoes, I just had to share it with you.:)

What you will need :
2 matching medium sized plastic lids
A sharp knife ( I find large or serrated knives work the best).

1.Place tomatoes on lid.

2. Place matching lid on top. Place your hand on the lid and apply pressure to keep lid in place. With your knife slice fruit in half. Be CAREFUL not lose fingers in the process.;)

3. Take off lid and ENJOY your perfectly cut tomatoes!!!:)
Simple.Fun.Oh So EASY!!!
Your days of slicing cherry tomatoes one-by-one are O-VER!!
Hooray for you!:)
Happy Slicing!

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