Monday, July 25, 2011

There is Freedom...

There is FREEDOM in knowing that this journey is much simpler then I made it out to be.
That I will NEVER spend a single cent more buying into another diet fad, shake, meal bar, meeting, or false promise.
That I will never have to count another CALORIE again, EVER.
That weight loss is the byproduct and NOT THE FOCUS of living a balanced and healthy life.
That I will eat REAL FOOD that my grandmother, great grandmother and her mother would recognize.
That eating is an ADVENTURE to be explored and not feared.
That spotted and and 'aesthetically challenged' produce may in fact have the best FLAVOR.
That buying farm fresh local & organic is worth the investment in myself and my FUTURE.
That good clean water is DELICIOUS!
That foods taste best NAKED-without labels .;)
That local family farmers are the true ROCKSTARS of this generation.
That Mother Nature is the true MASTER CHEF.
That buying food that spoils is a GOOD THING.
That I feel great when I fuel my body with food and NOT CHEMICALS.
That I can COOK WELL without the use of either a can opener or a microwave.
That when I buy local I vote with my dollar and support my COMMUNITY .
That cooking with wholesome ingredients is the truest expression of LOVE for myself and my family.
That this is MY LIFE and I will do everything in my power to nourish my body so that I can PLAY HARD, LAUGH OFTEN AND LIVE WELL!

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