Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Favorite Gifts for Foodies List!!

The giflt of local farm fresh food straight to your door with the gift of a CSA basket( community supported agriculture). Sign up for one today in your community and get CONNECTED! Here is the link:

If you are going to eat meat why don't you make it beautiful, grass-fed, sustainable, yummy ORGANIC meat. U.S. Wellness meats is one of THE BEST companies out there. They ship directly to your house. Here is the link:

The ONE cookbook EVERYONE should own, Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. Get it here: Vegetable Mandolin! This is the perfect way to make scalloped potatoes, veggie lasagna, or to thinly and perfectly slice fruits and vegetables in no time. I love my mandolin! Here is the link:

A Dehydrator for making dried fruits, vegetables and KALE CHIPS!!! Here is the link:
Do you love Cappuccino foam but HATE the cofeehouse prices? THIS is the tool for you this hand held frother foams milk to perfection in about 60 seconds. I use this every morning in my coffee. LOVE THIS!! Here is the link:
A Cast iron Grill pan. I use mine ALL the time for vegetables and meats. I love this pan!!! Here is the link:
Need ONE pan that does everything? Buy an enameled cast iron dutch oven. This one is 7.5 Qt. They are amazing! Here is the link :

THE BEST grater ever are MICROPLANES!! I have one and I LOVE IT!!! This is great for greating cheese, zesting citrus, nutmeg, garlic, chocolate...;) You name it. Everyone should own one! These are available at all kitchen stores but here is the link from

The coolest peeler out there. This is called a Kuhn Rikon peeler it makes ' noodles' out of zucchini= "Zoodles"- seriously fun and way cool! It is available at Here is the link:
Never cry while chopping onions again with these ONION GOGGLES!!:) They are available at Sur la Table, Bed Bath and Beyond and Here is the link:

An Herb Grinder! I use this when I cook exotic foods . I toast my spices and then grind them up. YUM-O!

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  1. Really nice article! Spot on, too. I'm glad I didn't read this while I was dealing with Christmas shopping because I'd have treated myself to all of these!! =)