Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Calling All Foodies.

I started writing this food blog: 'Food For Thought' just over a year ago. I had NO idea that this hobby would turn into such a passion and take on a life of it's own. Suddenly, I became a food stylist taking photos of every breakfast, lunch and dinner to share with all of you. (I even lost my iphone to a bowl of coconut curry soup while photographing it, for this blog three months ago. HA!) I bring my camera everywhere I go now: every restaurant, grocery store, farm and farmer's market may be a potential blogging opportunity. I buy things at the grocery store to review. I talk to my farmers, food vendors and artisan food producers to find out where my food comes from and encourage you to do the same. I  spend countless hours reading food science articles, cookbooks/cooking blogs and books to get you connected to the best information out there. Every single one of you out in the 'food blog-o-sphere' have inspired these changes. We talk all about food and the politics, beauty and freedom surrounding it. Every recipe you post, every dinner you make, every article you link, every product you review has inspired me more then you will ever know. We have become a tight knit community and food is our universal language. I have learned that there are many ways that we all translate the perfect diet: vegan, primal, paleo,vegetarian, and raw - but regardless of what lifestyle we follow, we have one thing in common at the end of the day- WE ALL LOVE FOOD. As we gear up for the holiday season, I would like to remind you how truly BLESSED we all are that we can take the time to "talk food". Many people out there don't have the options to eat as well, cook as well, or even have access to the beautiful nourishing foods that we talk about each day. We are so very fortunate. Which leads me to my "Foodie Call to Action," I challenge YOU to GIVE BACK to your community this holiday season. I want you to connect with your: local food bank,church, charity or your local homeless shelter and GIVE BACK. This can be done by donating time, resources or money. Get creative and have fun. We all love good food and we all have been so fortunate to have options, choices and opinions, lets pass on the blessing to those less fortunate. Rise up foodies, this is your call to action- let's BLESS those less fortunate with the gift of GOOD FOOD.

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