Sunday, June 5, 2011

This Is NOT Goodbye....

When I started this blog two months ago I would have NEVER imagined that I would get such a positive response, or that I would have found such a fantastic new hobby! Everyday has been an adventure exploring the world of 'all things food'. I feel like we have created our little corner in the ' blogosphere' of like minded individuals who love food, love to eat and love to eat WELL. This page has inspired me more then you will ever know, both personally and with my career as a chef, keeping me passionate about beautiful food and helping me to keep my menu's fresh and interesting. It has also given me a platform to 'geek out' with some of my nutritional studies- so THANK YOU! For those of you who don't already know, I am currently studying at the Nutritional Therapy Association and have my first big mid term and functional evaluation test in the middle of July. At this point, most of my energy and time will be focused on studying and preparing for my exam. For the next couple of weeks I will not be blogging or maintaining this site, but I would be THRILLED if you continued to share recipes and insights and your culinary adventures.Until we meet again, remember to balance out your life, take time for your health mentally, physicalyl, spiritually and emotionally. Remember eating healthy is more then just WHAT you eat its about HOW you eat. Be a smart consumer and a conscious eater, THINK about what you are eating. Choose whole foods that will NOURISH your body. Get in the kitchen and get creative, try new things, new flavors and new foods!
Happy eating!
Be well!

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