Thursday, April 21, 2011

On the Menu Today: Vietnamese Bahn Mi Sandwich

This beautiful creation to your left is a Vietnamese-style sandwich known as Bahn Mi. My past boss talked about how tasty and amazing they were. So today, we made them for the kids at school. The students nearly lost their minds they loved them so much! There are many varieties that you can do with this sandwich incorporating pate's and pork, sausage and seafood (and probably a tofu version too). Today we featured a grilled 'Chicken Bahn Mi' style sandwich.
Here is the recipe:)

Daikon sprouts
*pickled with rice wine vinegar sugar + salt
*add finely diced seranos peppers for spicy opt.(Go BIG or go home!;)

Marinate your chicken:
Chicken breast or thighs (your choice)
diced garlic
Sriracha( delightful red squeeze bottle of 'awesome sauce'with a ROOSTER on it.;)
Mae Ploy sweet Chili Sauce
* Make an aoili or simply add garlic, a tad of sriracha and sweet chili sauce to some mayonnaise.

On a baguette spread chili-saracha aoili on both sides of the bread.
Add grilled chicken
Top with pickled veggies and fresh cilantro sprigs (stems removed)
Prepare your taste buds for AWESOMENESS
.......and potential happy dances.:)

Bahn Mi Appetit! ;)

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