Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Quest For Real Food

Every week I drive 24 miles from my house out in the country to a local farm stand to stock up on all of my weekly groceries. This farm stand has all the essentials: milk, cheese, eggs, bread, yogurt, bulk grains, coffee, spices, fresh local meats, olives, fruits and vegetables. I have been taking this trip for nearly 9 years now and enjoy my weekly outing through the sprawling green pasture lands. Recently I invited my friend to join me on my weekly adventure and she asked “WHY do I drive all the way up there for food”?!? The answer is simple really: I love reading, but NOT the ingredient labels on my food. Pure wholesome good food doesn't require a label. The less energy that I have to spend reading additive labels the better I am treating my body and the more time and energy I have to do other things. How have we come to this point in our society were we have to bring a chemistry book to accompany our shopping lists just to understand what is in our food? How is this okay?! What is this crap we are putting in our systems? If we cannot even pronounce or recognize the processed chemicals, preservatives and stabilizers added to our foods, just think of how much effort our body is putting into trying to figure out just HOW to digest it. This life is way too beautiful to waste our time deciphering food additive labels. My story is simple: I eat food. When I want to add something to my food I COOK.:)

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